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     European Union's WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment requires that, the WEEE symbol must be placed on an EEE product if the product falls in one of the 10 categories and is placed onto the EU market after the 13th August 2005. Producers must provide refurbishment, treatment and reuse information for each "new" WEEE. The directive obligates member states to establish and maintain a registry of producers putting electrical and electronic equipment onto the market. So far, there does not exist a centralized European registration office. Producers must register in individual member states of the EEA.

Authority responsible for WEEE-related issues:

SEPA-Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Products and Waste Section
SE-106 48 Stockholm, Sweden
Blekholmsterrassen 36
Phone +46 (8) 6981000
Fax +46 (8) 202925
Open 8-16.40 (summer 8-16)
Web: www.internat.environ.se

Timing of implementation:

The Swedish version of the National EE-Register (EE-registret) is in operation since 20 September 2006. The English version is fully in operation since 18 December 2006.

The reason for the delay of the English version is that The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in June decided to accept producers within the European Union to register. This decision has been made to accommodate wishes from the electronics business, to make the register accessible to foreign producers. This means that all the materials in the register have to be translated into English.

If you are a EEE producer, you shall:

  • Register as a producer

  • Describe which collection system you have chosen and how you plan to allocate financial guarantees

  • Report the quantities of products sold

  • Report how much of the products that has been collected and treated

  • Report fulfilment, in other words how you comply with the various requirements in Ordinance (2005:209) on Producer Responsibility for Electrical and Electronic Products

You shall submit your description by 28 February 2007.

You shall report by 31 March 2007. Your reporting shall cover the period from 13 August 2005 to 31 December 2006.

You shall report fulfilment by 31 October 2007.

You register and provide your description only once, you can update the information you have submitted whenever necessary. Reporting of quantities and fulfilment takes place once a year.

Further information is available at the following website:


Contact Details:
Olle Dahlén
Naturvårdsverket/Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Miljörättsavdelningen/Implementation and Enforcement Department
Enheten för produkter och avfall/Products and Waste section
Tel: +46 (0) 8- 698 15 12
Fax: +46 (0) 8- 698 16 28

National legislation:

Ordinance (2005:209) on Producer Responsibility for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Producer Responsibility:

Sweden collects almost 12 kg of electrical waste per person per year, which is the second-best figure in the world. Only Norway collects more per person per year. There have been producer responsibility for electrical and electronic products in Sweden since 2001. A number of changes are now being introduced with the aim of improving the system and implementing the WEEE Directive.

The Swedish Ordinance (2005:209) on Producer Responsibility for Electrical and Electronic Products was adopted on 14 April 2005 and came into force on 13 August 2005. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has issued new regulations (2005:10) on professional pre-treatment of waste consisting of electrical or electronic products. The regulations contain provisions on how all electrical waste is to be treated, not just electrical waste which is to be subject to producer responsibility.

The changes to producer responsibility legislation mean that more equipment is covered and the responsibility of producers is expanded. The requirements relating to supervision and checking become considerably more stringent as all producers have to repeatedly describe how they fulfill their responsibility under the Ordinance. In addition, the Swedish EPA has powers to levy environmental penalty charges in the event of inadequate reporting.

Producer Responsibility for Electrical and Electronic products (under the Ordinance SFS 2005:209):

  • Report to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

  • Mark their products

  • Establish a collection system

  • Deal with end-of-life equipment in a correct manner

  • Allocate financial guarantees (applies to equipment from a private household only)

  • Supply information on the equipment to recyclers

  • Inform persons other than private households how they can return their waste

  • Consult local authorities affected

Many of these requirements may be met by joining a collective scheme like El-Kretsen (http://www.el-kretsen.se/).

Reporting to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

All Swedish producers must report to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

For the time being only companies registered in Sweden can be considered producers according to Swedish legislation.

Reporting is done trough a link on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's website.

As soon as the register is accessible companies can register as producers. The first report of amounts put on the market and collected will probably take place in autumn 2006 and comprise the period between August 13 and December 31, 2005. Regarding this it is important that producers keep records of electrical and electronic products put on the market, collected and how the collected waste was treated. The requirements for these reports are based on Ordinance 2005:209.

Labeling & marking of the products:

After 13 August 2005, the "new" EEE must be labeled with the follows:

  • Producer's identification

  • Data showing the product was put on the Swedish market after the 13th August 2005.

  • The crossed-out wheelie bin.

If the product is not big enough to be labeled, then the package of the product must carry the required labels.

Collective schemes for recycling:

El-Kretsen AB

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