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     European Union's WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment requires that, the WEEE symbol must be placed on an EEE product if the product falls in one of the 10 categories and is placed onto the EU market after the 13th August 2005. Producers must provide refurbishment, treatment and reuse information for each "new" WEEE. The directive obligates member states to establish and maintain a registry of producers putting electrical and electronic equipment onto the market. So far, there does not exist a centralized European registration office. Producers must register in individual member states of the EEA.

Authority responsible for WEEE-related issues:

Waste Department
Narva mnt 7a
15172 Tallinn
Phones: +372-6262884, 6262863

The Waste Department is responsible for general waste handling management, development of hazardous waste handling systems, issuing waste handling permits and packaging recovery issues. The Department guides and co-ordinates development and implementation of policy related to its area of government, prepares draft legislation in the field of waste management, manages the selection ofthe stateís waste-related investment projects, pursues international cooperation within its competence and organises in-service training and waste counselling.

A major part of the Waste Departmentís activities relate to harmonization of Estoniaís waste acts with the relevant EU legislation and planning of necessary implementation measures.

The Department outlines development plans for the waste management facilities network and makes proposals for financing such objects from the state investment programme. It is also active in drawing up the draft waste programme to be financed through the Environmental Investment Centre.

More detailed information on waste matters can be obtained from the Departmentís staff.

Timing of implementation:

National legislation:

  • Waste Act.

  • Governmental Regulation No. 376: "Requirements on marking, take-back, collection, recycling and disposal of WEEE, recovery targets and dates."

  • Order of the Minister of Environment No.99: "Requirements for treatment of WEEE."

  • Producer Responsibility:

    Labeling & marking of the products:

    Collective schemes for recycling:

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